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Easy Space-Saving Tips for Your Apartment

Easy Space-Saving Tips for Your Apartment

It’s easy to make your rental property more inviting with simple space-saving tips. Mirrors, small scale furniture and a monochromatic color scheme can make a smaller space appear larger, and many other creative strategies that optimize apartment space add functionality as well as visual appeal. Items that pull out, fold up and serve multiple purposes are ideal space savers. Simple designs with straighter lines and a lighter color palette provide an inviting and relaxing ambiance. Your property manager can give you some good ideas for cost-effective measures that make the most of your apartment space and get you the best return on your investment.

Thinking Out of the Box – Literally!

Consider how your tenants really live to decide on the priorities in your rental unit. Chances are, renters who live a casual lifestyle really do not need room for a permanent dining table. You may be able to free up the space in the apartment that was designed for a table by taking down a wall to create an open concept living/dining room. Current trends show that kitchens are also becoming incorporated into the open concept. New construction and renovations feature kitchens with a long rectangular multi-purpose center island/breakfast bar that serves the purpose of a dining table. This arrangement can eliminate the need for a large table or eliminate the need for any table at all, which can free up valuable space in the unit.

Storage Room Dividers

When it comes to optimizing apartment space, it pays to get creative about storage. Open spaces can use dividers that define living, dining and media areas while preserving an open look and providing coveted storage. A room divider framed with open space on top and storage cabinets on the bottom can work well in a room with high ceilings. For maximum storage capacity, install room dividers with floor-to-ceiling shelving. Another option for functional room dividers is a system of cubes for display of decorative items along with closed or basket storage. For a more open look, some of the cubes can be left empty and provide a view of the other side of the room divider.

Folding it In, Pulling it Out

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Hidden furniture that folds up and disappears is a tried and true way to capitalize on living space in an apartment. The disappearing Murphy or wall bed was patented in the early 1900’s and is cool again in today’s décor.  The Murphy bed became popular as a space-saving device by folding away and disappearing into the wall or a piece of furniture by day, and pulled down to create a bed at night. Space -saving trundle beds serve a similar purpose by vanishing into furniture until they are needed. Trundle beds hide in upholstered sofas and in decorative wood and metal frame daybeds. They can also be stashed away under the bed and pulled out to accommodate a guest. And speaking of stashing things away under the bed, a pull-out storage drawer or even a train table for the little ones can make excellent use of under bed space.

Optimizing Living Spaces

Think about the scale of the items you put into your multi-purpose living space when planning out the room. A small space should feel uncluttered with a few well-chosen items. Modular furniture, furniture pieces with sliding doors and shelving with drawers are all ideas that work to maximize apartment space. Modular pieces can be moved around to accommodate the situation. Storage ottomans are a wonderful addition to an apartment great room. Not only do they provide additional storage for magazines, electronics and toys, but they can transform into additional seating when needed for guests.

Making the Most of Kitchen Space

In today’s world there are plenty of options available to maximize space in the kitchen. When choosing kitchen appliances, size matters. Consider whether your tenants really need a huge refrigerator, or if a smaller size will do. In some cases, a smaller under counter refrigerator will serve the purpose. Choose small appliances that fasten under the cabinets to free up counter space, and mount the kitchen TV on the wall instead of placing it on the kitchen counter. Look for cabinets that come with cutting boards that store away inside the cabinets. Some may be large enough to double as a small desk or table. Another space-saving idea is a fold-out pantry that can open into the room to reveal walk-in advantages without the walk-in feature. Put wall space to good use with shelving and racks above the sink or the range for hanging up cooking utensils.

The choices for space-saving are endless, but you have to figure out what makes sense for you as an investment. A reputable property manager can provide you with good advice based on experience.

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